Crime Stoppers

Miami-Dade & The Florida Keys



Law Enforcement agencies provide personnel support by assigning detectives to answer the TIPS line. Phone lines are NOT police lines. They are paid for and maintained by the Crime Stoppers Program. There is no Caller ID nor do we tape incoming calls. the "Tipster" remains totally anonymous.


Media provides the avenue to promote awareness of the Miami-Dade and the Florida Keys Crime Stoppers program through its broadcasting of the Local news. Media also raises awareness by showing provided re-enactments on selected open cases. All media participate as a public service.

CALLER or "Tipster"

The caller or "Tipster" is the most important partner in our program. He or she is a member of the community who sees, hears, or knows of criminal activity. When a caller contacts Crime Stoppers, he or she is GUARANTEED ANONYMITY. Once a call is received, the "Tipster" is given a control number. If, as a result of their information, an arrest and filing of criminal charges has been made, the caller is eligible for a monetary REWARD OF UP TO $3,000.00. The guarantee of anonymity allows members of the community to offer information to law enforcement without the fear of reprisals.

Rewards are approved and distributed monthly. The Board of Directors meets, reviews the cases and votes to approve the reward amounts computer generated by TIPS Software. Once a reward has been determined, the caller chooses any branch office of Wells Fargo Bamk, N.A. where the tipster presents the code number and the code name to the head teller to pick up their reward. The identity of the caller is never known throughout the entire process.


Our Mission is the ongoing development and implementation of an effective crime solving organization which serves the entire Miami-Dade County area. The primary objective of the dynamic relationship between the COMMUNITY, MEDIA AND LAW ENFORCEMENT is: "Working together for a safer, more secure living and working environment for all Miami-Dade County residents."




R. "Bo" BoClair


Suzette Rice


Diann Barber

Vice President

Bill Murphy


Patrick Kiel 



During the early 1980's, Miami-Dade County was besieged by a crime wave which demanded immediate attention. Local officials, the Greater Miami Crime Commission, and law enforcement were searching for a solution. After some research, they found a new and innovative program which offered monetary rewards to citizens who provide information to law enforcement on crimes and guarantees anonymity. The program, called Crime Stoppers, had begun in 1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and proved very effective.

Crime Stoppers of Miami-Dade County was created in September 1981. The Greater Miami Crime Commission received seed money from the Southland Corporation. Law enforcement agencies from Miami-Dade, City of Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables and Hialeah each detached one officer to man the phone lines. A Board of Directors was created to administer the program, Channel 4-WTVJ became the Crime Stopper television station and the program was born.

Today the program is working better than ever. A few changes have taken place, but the offer of anonymity for monetary rewards is still working. The tripartite relationship of community, law enforcement and media is still in effect. The phone lines are still answered by detectives from Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami. All local television stations in the area are involved in publicizing information regarding unsolved crimes and fugitives. Our print media is covered primarily by the Miami Herald and now includes several other community newspapers. We have approximately 15 radio stations airing the Crime Stoppers message in both English and Spanish. With this high degree of involvement, it is no wonder that Crime Stoppers of Miami-Dade County has been recognized since 1990 as one of the top three programs in the world for productivity by Crime Stoppers International, Inc. The program has also received the Civilian of the Year Award, Coordinator of the Year Award, and the Coralie Wagner Memorial Service Award.

The program works because the community in Miami-Dade and Monroe County cares and residents do not want crime in their neighborhoods . Crime Stoppers is still the most cost effective crime detection program in the world. We plan to continue this success and expand our involvement in Miami-Dade & Monroe County.